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The Audience : The Annual Conference
The Composer
When The Saints Go Marching In
The Audience: The Annual Conference ~
Dick's beautiful tenor voice caused him to be chosen to lead the singing at the biggest Methodist meeting of the year, the Florida Annual Conference.
The Composer ~
Before he was twenty, Dick began to compose music, playing his own accompaniment and singing the words. He became so proficient that he did not even need the piano because he could hear the chords and melody in his head.
When The Saints Go Marching In ~
The trombone, which had played a large role in Dick's ministry, was played for the last time on July 4, 1976, when his church celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence by a parade of the members to the tune of "When The Saints Go Marching In," with Dick and his trombone leading the way.
"I am still very moved every time I hear 'Fill My Cup, Lord.' I remember Dr. Blanchard sitting at the piano on Sunday evening playing it. And, I remember when I heard on the radio it had been played for the Queen of England."
" When Dick Blanchard walks over and slips his trombone off the stand, rares back and lips out a mellow tone you'd never guess he was a preacher if you weren't in church.
The Rev. Richard E. Blanchard looks more like the dance band musician he used to be.
Young - he'll be 31 next Wednesday - and a natty dresser, the Rev. Mr. Blanchard now uses all his musical talents to attract folks - especially young people - to Wesley Methodist Church where his main performance is preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ."
- The Miami Herald
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